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Incisor Classification - bite of the front teeth

Although teeth come in many different arrangements, it is possible to classify them by common patterns based on the appearance and bite of the front teeth. There are 4 categories in the British incisor classification (these differ from the American Angle's classification).

  • Class I - nearly normal bite of the front teeth
  • Class II, division 1 - protrusive upper front teeth, probably the commonest in the U.K.
  • Class II, division 2 - upper front teeth tipped back, unusual
  • Class III - reverse bite of the front teeth (underbite) uncommon
Image Classification Description
Class I The bite of the front teeth is normal - the teeth may appear either crowded or spaced
Class II division 1 The upper front teeth protrude away from the bottom teeth - also known as buck teeth and goofy teeth
Class II division 2 The upper front teeth slope backwards
Class III The lower front teeth bite in front of the upper front teeth - also known as an under-bite
Hypodontia Developmentally missing teeth
Adult Orthodontic treatment for the non-growing patient