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Oxford Orthodontic Centre, 95a London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AE


Our Orthodontists

The Orthdodontists at this practice are all registered with the General Dental Council as Specialists in Orthodontics. In addition, they have all undertaken higher specialist training.

Mr M Sadaf Khan (GDC 78455) BSC (Hons), BDS (Hons), MFDSRCS, MSc, MOrth RCS, FDSOrth RCS

Miss Sophia Wahla (GDC 77608) BDS, MFDS RCS, MSc, MOrth RCS, FDS (Orth) RCS

Dr Jeremy J W Breckon (GDC 56068) BDS, MSc, PhD ULond; FDS RCSEd; DOrth, MOrth, FDS RCSEng