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Fixed Metal Orthodontic Braces

American Orthodontic Master Series Braces

Fixed Metal Braces

The most common type of fixed orthodontic appliance is made of metal. The brackets glued to the teeth are made of a high grade medical stainless steel.

The metal fixed appliances are commonly known as 'train track' braces for obvious reasons. This form of fixed appliance with an edgewise slot was first used in the1930's. The original design has undergone many changes over the years.

Contemporary Fixed Metal braces

Contemporary metal fixed appliances are extremely sophisticated. Each bracket is specifically designed for each tooth to bring about ideal tooth and root alignment. The bracket we have chosen to use is a medium sized bracket with exceptional bonding properties. We believe that the secret to an efficient treatment starts with a bracket that stays glued to the teeth. Our internal audit shows we have a very low bond failure rate.

Metal orthodontic braces

Fitting Fixed Braces

The adjacent picture shows a recently cemented metal fixed appliances. The most important factor when fitting a fixed appliance is to keep the teeth dry. Moisture and humidity can reduce the bond strength of the glue. Broken brackets can reduce treatment efficiency and may result in extended treatment times.

Self-ligtaing Metal Braces

Some metal fixed appliances are extremely efficient giving increased adjustment intervals; see In-Ovation R.

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