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Oxford Orthodontic Centre, 95a London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AE


The Team at the Oxford Orthodontic Centre

The team at the Orthodontic Centre is dedicated to the provision of specialist orthodontic treatment in a pleasant and friendly environment. Each member of the team has extensive experience in the provision of orthodontic care and will be happy to discuss any aspect of orthodontic treatment. Several members of staff have had fixed appliances and are happy to share their experiences.


The Orthodontists at this practice are Specialists in Orthodontics registered on the Specialist List of the General Dental Council of Great Britain. To become a Specialist in Orthodontics requires a three-year full-time postgraduate training and obtaining the specialist orthodontic qualification - MOrth RCS.

The Orthdodontists at this practice are all registered with the General Dental Council as Specialists in Orthodontics. In addition, they have all undertaken higher specialist training.

Mr M Sadaf Khan (GDC 87455) BSc, BDS, MFDSRCS, MSc, MOrth RCS, FDS (Orth) RCS

Miss Sophia Wahla (GDC 77608) BDS, MFDS RCS, MSc, MOrth RCS, FDS (Orth) RCS

Dr Jeremy J W Breckon (GDC 56068) BDS, MSc, PhD ULond; FDS RCSEd; DOrth, MOrth FDS RCSEng

Support Staff

We have members of staff who manage and coordinate all aspects of the provision of orthodontic care. Each member of staff is able to answer your questions about many aspects of orthodontic treatment. Our dental nurses are experienced in many types of orthodontic treatment and will be pleased to help you with the provision of orthodontic care. Several members of staff have had orthodontic treatment and will be able tell you about how it feels!