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In-Ovation R by GAC

Metal Self-Ligating Brackets with Interactive Clip

In-Ovation R is one of a number of modern self-ligating, low-friction brackets with an interactive clip. This means the wire is held in the bracket by an integral metal clip rather than elastic modules or wire ligatures. This reduces the binding of the archwire in the bracket slot.

Advantages of In-Ovation R

In-Ovation R from GAC is a system of braces that is not only faster to adjust but...

  • It has been reported to shorten treatment time by up to 4 months compared with comparable cases treated with conventional brackets
  • It can safely increase the intervals between adjustment appointments and has been shown to reduce the number visits to the practice - saving you inconvenience and travel
  • It is a great looking bracket because it is smaller than standard brackets
  • It offers greater comfort because it is small and smooth
  • It offers better oral hygiene than conventional braces with elastic modules

Appliance of Choice for Boarders

In-Ovation R is our bracket of choice for children who are away at boarding school and can only attend for adjustments during half-term and holidays. The longer adjustment intervals can coincide with trips home without reducing treatment progress.

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