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In-Ovation C Brackets

Ceramic self-ligating brackets by GAC

In-Ovation C bracket close-up

In-Ovation C from GAC is a state of the art ceramic bracket. Its unique design combines the appearance of the conventional tooth coloured ceramic bracket with the treatment efficiency of a self-ligating bracket (see In-Ovation R).

Specify In-Ovation C as part of your orthodontic treatment and look forward to the following benefits:

In-Ovation C orthodontic brackets
  • A highly aesthetic bracket with all the benefits of less visible orthodontic appliances
  • A unique 'white' metal clip that ensures the exceptional treatment mechanics of self-ligating orthodontic appliances and minimal staining from coloured foods
  • An efficient treatment with a reduced number of visits to the practice for adjustments
  • Longer intervals between adjustments with less time away from work or school

Exmaple Treatment with In-Ovation C

Young adult who had severely crowded teeth was treated with the removal of four premolar (side) teeth and upper and lower In-Ovation C ceramic self-ligating applinaces.

Teeth before In-Ovation C orthodontic treatment.
Before Orthodontic Treatment with In-Ovation C
Teeth after In-Ovation C orthodontic treatment.
After Orthodontic Treatment with In-Ovation C