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Ceramic Braces

For much less visible fixed appliances, choose a ceramic, tooth-coloured, aesthetic bracket.

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Tooth Coloured Appliances

Feel more confident with a less visible brace by specifying ceramic brackets as part of your treatment plan. In some instances it may be possible to consider an aesthetic wire to further reduce the visual impact of the fixed appliance.

Ceramic brackets and white wires
Sometimes it is possible to use tooth coloured wires

There are several types of ceramic bracket. For general use, we have found a clear ceramic bracket with excellent glass-like appearance allowing your natural tooth colour to show through. Ceramic brackets are cemented to the teeth in the same way as metal brackets. With improved modern design they are now easily removed.

Glass-like Radinace bracket
Glass-like appearance of Radiance brackets

Aesthetic White Braces

Ceramic braces are much less obvious than conventional metal fixed appliances. Because the brackets are made of a hard, polished ceramic, they do not stain.

Radiance ceramic brackets
Radiance Bracekts - American Orthodontics

A good quality ceramic bracket is the appliance of choice for you where cost is a consideration. They are considerably less expensive than lingual appliances but offer a greatly enhanced appearance compared with metal appliances.

Ceramic Self-Ligating Braces

See the section on the efficient In-Ovation C system for the ceramic self-ligating bracket which can increase treatment efficiency and reduce the number of adjustment appointments required; ideal for boarders.

Cost of Treatment

See the treatments fees page and check-out the ceramic brackets. Prices start at £1,480.00.